Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did ya miss me?

Hi followers (and those who haven't figured out how to "follow" the newest and coolest blog)! Did you miss me? I've been a little busy because I'm home with my son while his daycare is closed. I don't think I'll get to do any freezer cooking this week but I did get to make my pizza dough last night and have 3 ready to go in the freezer.
I always question myself when I decide to make homemade dough, especially when Trader Joe's dough is fabulous, parve and cheap! I haven't fully priced it out yet (but I will next time I buy the ingredients), and I'm pretty sure the cost of making homemade and the TJ version is very similar. So, what's the deal? I do it because it makes me feel really good about myself. It makes me feel that I can make cool things and have them taste just as good as store bought (as evidenced by dh and ds gobbling it all up for dinner)!
Ok, the hubby needs to use the computer so I gotta go - but let me know how you are doing out there!

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