Friday, June 24, 2011

Let the Games Begin! I go! My plan is to make marinated chicken, couscous (to be eaten over Shab), Southwest rollups, and taco meat.

3:20pm: I brought my laptop into the kitchen so I have easy access to all the online recipes and the blog. I brought out the two pots that I will need - a large saute pan for the taco meat, and a smaller pot for the couscous. I also need a bowl for the Southwest rollup fillings. Other than that, I compiled all my other ingredients for easy access and I'm ready to go!

3:30pm: The first thing I decide to do is create the filling for the Southwest Rollups. That way, as I'm cooking other stuff, I will be able to compile the rollups. After I got those ingredients mixed up, I put the water in the pot for the couscous to bring it to a boil. I just realized that I'm running around the kitchen like a crazy person to make sure everything gets down in an hour. Just remembered, who really cares?!

3:35pm: Ok, I'm going to make a couple of rollups while the water comes to a boil. Need to get out the cheddar cheese.

3:40pm: My water is boiling so I pour in the couscous. I turn off the heat to let it sit for five minutes and get back to making my rollups!

3:45pm: The couscous is done so I will let it sit to cool off. I'm halfway done the rollups so I'm just going to finish them before moving on to anything else.

3:55pm: I'm totally going to do this! The rollups are done and I cleaned up my work space a bit. I think I'm just going to get the chicken bagged up since it is so easy and then finish up with the taco meat!

4:01pm: Chicken is done and I'm moving onto the final step! Taco meat! Just realized I should be listening to's so quiet in here - next time! While I'm browning the meat, I will start transferring the cooled couscous into a ziploc for transport to Shab lunch tomorrow!

4:20pm: I'm done! Ok, so I still have to tidy the kitchen and clean the dishes, but if hubby was here he would do that, so for future endeavors I'm done! That was awesome! I feel so productive! And it also shows how much you can get down in such a short amount of time!

So here's what I made:

2 bags of marinated chicken...I really like making Italian chicken because its so easy. I'm not quite sure if this makes it any easier than cooking fresh, but I guess if there is a good sale on frozen chicken breasts it would be good. My plan is to do the slow cooker method.

1 bag of couscous (forgot to put it in the picture!)

1 bag of taco meat

2 bags of Southwest Rollups - I obviously didn't include the chicken so hopefully it will be filling!

Anyway, that wasn't too bad! So what do you think? Was this helpful? Fun to read? Let me know your thoughts!
Shab Shal!

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  1. Hi, Sarah! I would have liked to hear about your strategy for putting everything in the freezer too. The picture looks great, but do you have separate portions or what? Maybe you can talk about that when you post about eating this stuff!