Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Cash Envelope

I want to start by saying I love using my credit card! It's so simple and quick that you really can't beat it! is not helpful to budgeting. It is too easy to shop, shop, shop and swipe and go. So, we are starting something new this month. It's a tip I learned from Money Saving Mom. The idea is to have cash envelopes (literally, an envelope) for different aspects of your budget. For example, you would have different envelopes for groceries, gas, household items, etc. At the beginning of the month (or week), you will take out the budgeted amount for that envelope. We are going to begin with just a groceries envelope since that is the part of our budget we have the most control over. On July 1, I went to the bank and took out cash for our groceries this month. I will update how the envelope goes at the end of the month! Oh, just heard ds, gotta go - have a great day!

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