Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Menu - July 17, 2011

I hope everyone had a great week and a nice Shabbat. We hosted lunch this Shabbos and I tried something a little different. Usually I make cholent and also buy chicken to make a whole separate entree. Definitely not budget friendly! So, this week I took out one of the bag's of marinated chicken on Friday morning and cooked it in the slow cooker. I took 2 breasts out for our dinner Friday night, and sliced the other 4 into strips for a big Italian chicken salad. Paired with cholent and sides, I think everyone left satisfied!

This week's menu is pretty simple as I work through stuff in the freezer. What's on your menu this week?
Sunday: Spinach cheese Filo Pie (from Trader Joe's)

Monday: Southwest Rollups from freezer

Tuesday: Egg Roll Lasagna from freezer

Wednesday: Parents might be in town, if not, some type of stir fry

Thursday: Homemade pizza

What's on your menu this week???

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