Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You paid whaaaat????

I am 100% in love with Amazon. There are so many great features that can't be beat! I love their Subscribe and Save feature, as well as Amazon Mom. With these 2 features, you can save 30% on all types of objects! Plus, you never have to pay for shipping and things usually arrive within 2 business days.

So, with my love of Amazon in mind, I'm going to start a new feature on this blog called "You Paid Whaaaat????" The goal of these posts are to show an Amazon deal and compare it to the "real world" deal. I hope you enjoy and I hope you hop on the Amazon band wagon and purchase some of the deals! Please let me know of any deals you find or if there is something you want me to keep an eye out for!

"Real Life" Deal

Target Up & Up Size 4 Diapers Club Box (124 count)

Amazon Deal

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers, Size 4, 204-Count

PLUS save 30% with Amazon Subscribe and Save and Amazon Mom!
Price drops to $26.59

Ok, I know saving $.03 a diaper isn't a huge deal, but if you save $.03/diaper for a whole year it can add up! For 124 of the Luvs diapers verses Target, you are saving $3.72. So, just for simple math, if you use 124 diapers a month, you will save almost $45 for the whole year!

Note: This post contains a link to my affiliate site with Amazon.

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  1. There's savings in driving to Target as well. Using IRS mileage rate with tolls, a trip to Target costs us about $16! Money aside, why go to Target when diapers are willing to come to me? :)

    We typically get our diapers from Costco or BJs though. Both are a 5min drive away and a bit cheaper than Amazon for the ones we buy.